2019 Air Pro3 Tws Wireless In-Ear Earphones Bluetooth 5.0 Double Ear Side Headsets Stereo Music Charger for iPhone 7 8 11 Plus




Pro 3

to five hours.


1. Separate use Left earphone and Right earphone, without any disconnect or sound cut from headsets

2.In-ear Smart Sensor

3. Support wireless charging

4.3 Real Battery Window

5. Touch Control  

6.Bluetooth 5.0

7. Enhanced bass/audio quality

8. Super bass

10 .Auto power on

11. Auto power off

12. Binaural calls

13. Previous song, Next song

14. Music time 4.5-5 hours

13. Voice control

15.1:1 size of air 3 generation

Packing list: 

2 * Mini Bluetooth Earphone

1 * charging box

1 * USB charging cable

2 pairs of earplugs


2nd generation headphones

1. 1: 1 size

2. smart sense(in-ear detection): remove headphones, music paused / bring headphones, music start

3. pop-up windows

4. pop-up window show: 3 real battery show

5. Separate use of erphone's left right earphone

6. Faucet control like Original 

7. Enhanced audio / bass quality 

8. Auto power on / Auto power off 

9. Binaural calls 

10. Previous song (tap 3 times on the left earphone), Next song (tap 3 times on the right earphone)

11. Call Siri (tap 2 times on the left earphone

 chip1536U, can compatible with i11 and i11pro, ios10-ios13 version.

13.the method of hanging up or answering the phone:  tapped the left earbud or right earbud twice fastly to answer and  hang up the phone.

Additional information

Weight N/A

White, Matte Black


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