Lip Shield

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Soft silicone face shield to protect you from your mask.


Lip shield protects your lips and mouth from touching the inside of any single-ply or three-ply type surgical mask. The Lip shield forms a soft seal around the mouth and nose, this reduces air that normally leaks around a loose mask. Due to the shape, more air is always drawn in through the mask.

The soft silicone lip shield shell keeps the mask fabric out of the wearer’s mouth. The nose guard extends to touch the upper lip which reduces foggy glass issues.

Lip shield nose guard

the convex shape allows for a normal conversation with a mask on.

This feature extends the life of a mask and keeps your lips, lipstick, or other lip balms from rubbing off.

Unisex, Size Adult, Silicone, Reusable, Autoclave safe.

Simple to use. The mask loop slips through the Lip shield loops which then holds both the Lip shield and mask securely to your face. This simple design makes it easy to slip over a second mask and still be able to talk and breathe without all that material in your mouth and fibers in your mouth.

To use: Wash first in warm soap water, then Boil to sterilize, dry, insert a new mask/s loop through the Lip shield loop, place mask/s loops over the ears, and then position Lip shield comfortably on the face nose-first then around the cheeks and chin.

The default color is White, If you prefer Black then, please specify Black in the purchase cart  note


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Weight .2 kg
Dimensions 17 × 9 × 2 cm

This is the default color


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